गण गण गणांत बोते...

।। संत हेच भूमीवरचे चालते बोलते परमेश्वर ।।

“Gajanan Maharaj Bhakta Parivar” is a USA based group actively working since 2017. In fact, it is closely knitted family of our beloved Gajanan Mauli. Although the group is based in New Jersey, the Devotees associated with this group are from various places in the world.

Gajanan Maharaj Bhakta Parivar, USA

We, the devotees (भक्त) of Shree Gajanan Maharaj, follow HIS teachings of spiritual devotion (भक़्ती) and voluntary service (सेवा). This group does monthly prayers (नामजप), Group Parayan on some auspicious occasions, Group discussion about Shree Gajanan Vijay Granth and the noble cause of donating food (अन्नदान) to needy every month.

We also ensure our kids’ active participation. With great pride, we can informally announce that most of our kids know Shree Gajanan Maharaj’s Namagajar and chant ‘Gana Gana Ganaat Bote’ mantra. Many of them read English version of Shree Gajanan Maharaj’s pothi in stories format and participate in Parayan Seva. None of our Parivar kids hesitate to say ‘Jai Gajanan.‘

With immense pleasure, we would like to introduce you to the above mentioned activities:


Prakatdin celebration

Apart from the above mentioned monthly events, we celebrate Mauli’s Prakatdin on a grand scale. Devotees from all over the places tend to attend this event.

The first Prakatdin was celebrated in 2017, by the group. Since then the number of devotees has been increasing for the Prakatdin celebration every year.

The devotees are looking forward to this event and planning begins about 3 months in advance. It is Gajanan Maharaj’s family event where all the devotees thrive for excellence.

If you are a devotee of Shree Gajanan Maharaj and if you could join us in any of the events mentioned here, the priceless spiritual pleasure is guaranteed 😊

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Mahasamadhi Utsav

We celebrated Shree Gajanan Maharaj’s “Mahasamadhi Utsav” in Plainsboro, New Jersey on September 8, 2019. 109 years back, in the year of 1910, Shree Gajanan Maharaj took Samadhi on the same day.

About 125 devotees arrived to celebrate Gajanan Mauli’s Mahasamadhi utsav. The food was prepared by our Guru sisters. Everyone has helped in whatever way they could which made this event well-organized and successful. It felt like having Mauli’s cozy ‘Family get-together’ and not just a disciplined ‘Social activity. The celebration started with soothing Paduka pujan and ended with Gajanan Maharaj’s rocking arati and Mahaprasad.

While the chanting and praying continued for couple of hours, everyone was mesmerized with the momentum of Powerful positive energy and showers of blessings.

May Mauli bless us to celebrate more and more such events.

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Monthly Upasana

Let’s begin with our most popular activity - Monthly Upasana. Our Guru brothers and Guru sisters meet up at one of the Devotee’s home, once a month and offer prayers including Group Parayan at HIS holy feet.

This is about 3-4 hours activity once a month (Preferably on Saturday evening) Devotees also share their miraculous experiences that strengthen the bonding with our beloved Mauli. The Upasana is based on the theme around the event or festival occurring in that month such as Holi, Diwali, Makar Sankranti, Raksha bandan, Guru Purnima, Mother’s day, Thanksgiving, etc. Although one family hosts the Upasana, it is considered as group event in our Maharaj’s family and everyone participates responsibly with full accountability towards the event. The Mahaprasad is brought as potluck by devotee attendees.

Shree Gajanan Maharaj Bhakta Parivar, USA has a pair of Shree Gajanan Maharaj’s Padukas brought from Shegaon, Maharashtra. The family hosting current month’s Upasana has the privilege to keep the Padukas at their home till next Upasana. The host for the next Upasana lovingly and respectfully invites Maharaj at their home for the next Upasana and to stay thereon. The host having Padukas courteously takes them to the next host’s home at the time of upcoming Upasana and this cycle continues.

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Food Donations

At the time of Upasana, all the devotee attendees bring canned food or packaged food for the nearby poor feeding place in the county.
Either the host or someone from the group ensures that the food items are donated to right place.
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Spiritual Discussion

Apart from Upasana, we also host a monthly call for an hour to discuss a chapter from Shree Gajanan Vijay Granth.
Interested attendees participate in the call to share and acquire knowledge.
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Group Parayan

Our Parivar offers group Parayan on some auspicious occasions like Gajanan Maharaj Pragatdin, Rushipanchami, Gudhee Padva, Gurupoornima and Ramnavmi. The Parivar members voluntarily come together to participate in this Parayan Seva as per their convenience.
There are no restrictions of language, time and place followed, while participating in the Parayan Seva. Devotees can offer parayan any time in any language and at any place on the pre-decided day(s).

Chapter allocation is done according to the sequence in which people enroll for this Seva. Now a days, many kids participate in the Parayan Seva as well. This way devotion (Bhakti) for Maharaj is being passed to the next generation 😊

The Group Parayan is conducted in 2 different ways.

One day Parayan where groups of 21 devotees each, are formed. Each group reads pre-allocated one chapter of Gajanan Vijay Granth on the day of special occasion for which the Parayan Seva is being offered (E.g.: Gudhee Padwa).

Another form is a 21 day Parayan where people read one chapter a day sequentially for 21 days. This way, The group offers 21 full Parayans in a month.

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